Simon trained and practiced as a commercial litigator in the City, specialising in Lloyd’s and London market insurance matters. He then took the opportunity to set up a new firm in 1989, just weeks before the recession started. The downturn necessitated a wholesale rebuilding of the client base of the firm, which gave Simon his first experience of dealing with volume work, and he helped to establish it as a niche provider. Collins Benson Goldhill continues to thrive.

In order to achieve his ambitions to establish a high value commercial litigation practice, Simon then moved on to larger firms, where he was both a successful litigator and business manager. Much of Simon’s practice involved putting together and leading mixed-skill teams in high stake, large scale disputes for entrepreneurs. Simon is adept at understanding and meeting the needs of demanding individuals and institutions.

The partnership business model that was standard in the profession at that time affords little prospect for creating long-term business value. By the early 2000s, Simon had started to look for new challenges outside of the profession, in particular involving mediation. Simon  is an accredited commercial mediator.

Simon co-created InterResolve, a vehicle set up to design and deliver better mediation-based solutions for resolving disputes in broken markets on a scalable business model that would enable value to be built within a corporate structure.Simon was the COO within the entrepreneurial team that took InterResolve from concept through to institutional investment.

Within the space of 4 years, InterResolve had developed its own technology and become a multi-award winning business, with strategic partnerships and client relationships with some of the UK’s largest enterprises. Within a further 2 years, it had attracted a substantial £m cash injection from one of Europe’s largest venture capitalists. InterResolve is now a successful independent and neutral mediation provider that offers claimants and insurers a better, cheaper and quicker option to settling personal injury claims arising from motor accidents.

In addition to his responsibility for InterResolve’s delivery and operations during its formative years, Simon looked after all aspects of legal, regulatory and corporate governance matters. He was also a member of the Executive of the Claims Standards Council, the trade body for regulated claims management companies and was an active participant in consultations with the Government leading to the creation of the statutory Claims Management Regulator.

Since leaving InterResolve, Simon has focused on the opportunities that are offered by the changing legal market in the UK. He is particularly interested in scalable volume delivery of legal services to consumers and has developed strategic, distribution, financial, and operational models to suit. His work here has included a 6 month engagement as Special Advisor to one of the UK’s most valued and respected consumer brands.

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