Start up to growth

  • Starting as one of 2 people sitting around a table who created InterResolve, Simon was instrumental in

                – developing those ideas into business concepts and processes

                – engaging with the markets into which InterResolve wished to operate to refine its products

                – working out how to set up distribution channels and operations to create a viable volume business

                - developing market presence so that InterResolve won 2 successive prestige insurance claims initiative of the year awards

  • Simon focused on the detailed structures, systems and strategic working partnerships that enabled these to be delivered commercially and

               – was the source of professional and practical expertise on law, legal structures, insurance, regulation and corporate affairs

               – was the internal troubleshooter, identifying and solving day to day issues

  • Experience of various debt and equity funding sources, including

               – angels through to institutional investment

               – the issue of secured and unsecured loan notes

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